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Constructing Your Criticisim

Giving and recieving criticism can be hard. Is it required by God in the first place? How can I do this constructively? These are all questions we will explore by studying Proverbs 15. Listen to the lesson and get notes here.

Featured Sermon- There Is No Third Choice


The Sermon on the Mount ends with the challenge to choose. An appeal to commitment. Life and death are in the choice you make. His message is an invitation. (Mt 11:28-30) Consider not just the demands but the consequences. There are only two paths, which will lead to one of two kinds of fruit, which will inevitably lead to one of two outcomes. Which choice will we make? Justin presents a lesson from Matthew 7 that will challange us to make the Jesus implores us to make.. Listen here

Lessons On Discipleship- By Jarred McCrary

We were excited to have Jarred McCrary with us to teach us from God’s Word about the vital subject of discipleship on April 8th-11th, 2018. Below is a short video of Jarred introducing himself and the series. It was a spiritual feast on God's Word.  Go listen to the lessons in our sermon section or listen to one here.


April 8-11- Specific Times And Topics
1. Discipleship defined- Sunday 9am
2. Enduring like a disciple- Sunday 10am
3. Worshipping like a disciple- Sunday 3pm
4. Praying like a disciple- Monday 7pm
5. Leading like a disciple- Tuesday 7pm
6. Evangelizing like a disciple- Wed 7pm