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Featured Sermon: The Most Misunderstood Command In The Bible

Imagine what it would be like to live in a society, or a home environment where no discipline is imposed? Yet, there are congregations belonging to Jesus Christ  where little, if any, discipline is ever performed.  When church discipline is discussed usually people assume we shun someone or completely ignore them. These are both misconceptions and not biblical teachings Church discipline is a helpful, positive aspect of our relationships, and if administered correctly, very rarely reaches the point where we formally take action or withdraw our fellowship. It’s important that we train people to think of it in a positive way. This lesson seeks to teach these truths from God's word.



Do You Worry?...Jesus Says Don't

A direct command is issued 3 times in Jesus' teaching on worry. In Matthew 6-  v25,31,34. We don’t have to go on worrying in life. We serve a God who does care, who is concerned, and who acts out of love for us. Let's discuss how to not worry this week.

Featured Sermon- There Is No Third Choice


The Sermon on the Mount ends with the challenge to choose. An appeal to commitment. Life and death are in the choice you make. His message is an invitation. (Mt 11:28-30) Consider not just the demands but the consequences. There are only two paths, which will lead to one of two kinds of fruit, which will inevitably lead to one of two outcomes. Which choice will we make? Justin presents a lesson from Matthew 7 that will challange us to make the Jesus implores us to make.. Listen here