2021 Theme and Reading Plan

2021 Theme and Reading Plan

2021 Bible Reading Plan- Israel Demands a King

The bible reading plan for 2021 will follow the Jewish nation from the time they demanded of God a king that they might be like the nations around them until their return from Babylonian captivity. Instead of reading book by book and chapter by chapter, we will follow a chronological outline and bring all relevant books into our reading. It is hoped that by doing so we will garner a much better understanding of the time period from the choosing of Saul as king until the beginning of the “silent years”, that time between the Old Testament and the coming of our Lord.


1st      1st Samuel 7:15-8:22                               16th   1st Chronicles 23:1; 1st Kings 1

2nd     1st Samuel 9:1-17; 10:17-25                  17th   1st Chronicles 29:26-28; 1st Kings 2

3rd     1st Samuel 15                                           18th    1st Kings 3

4th     1st Samuel 16:1-13                                  19th    1st Kings 6

5th     1st Samuel 17:20-58                                20th    2nd Chronicles 5   

6th     1st Samuel 18:1-16                                   21st    2nd Chronicles 6 

7th     1st Samuel 23:15-25:1                             22nd   2nd Chronicles 7:1-3; 1st Kings 9:1-9

8th     1st Samuel 26                                            23rd    1st Kings 10

9th     1st Samuel 31                                            24th    2nd Chronicles 8

10th   2nd Samuel 2:1-3:1                                   25th    1st Kings 11:1-22

11th   2nd Samuel 5                                             26th    1st Kings 11:23-43; 2nd Chronicles 9:30-31

12th   2nd Samuel 7                                             27th    1st Kings 12:1-19; 2nd Chronicles 10

13th   2nd Samuel 11                                           28th    1st Kings 12:20-33

14th   2nd Samuel 12:1-25                                  29th    1st Kings 13

15th   1st Chronicles 21:1; 2nd Samuel 24        30th    1st Kings 14

                                                                              31st    1st Kings 15




Israel the Northern Kingdom                                      Judah the Southern Kingdom

1st      1st Kings 15:25-16:6                               18th    2nd Chronicles 11:18-12:16

2nd     1st Kings 16:7-34                                     19th    2nd Chronicles 13

3rd     1st Kings 21:1-16                                    20th    2nd Chronicles 14                              

4th     1st Kings 21:17-29                                   21st     2nd Chronicles 15

5th     1st Kings 22:1-40                                     22nd    2nd Chronicles 16

6th     2nd Kings 1                                                23rd    2nd Chronicles 17

7th     2nd Kings 3                                                24th    2nd Chronicles 18

8th     2nd Kings 8:25-9:13                                 25th    2nd Chronicles 19

9th     2nd Kings 9:14-26                                    26th    2nd Chronicles 20:1-19

10th   2nd Kings 10:1-17                                    27th    2nd Chronicles 20:20-21:3

11th   2nd Kings 10:18-36                                  28th    2nd Chronicles 21:4-20

12th   2nd Kings 13:1-13

13th   2nd Kings 14:23-29

14th   2nd Kings 15:8-22

15th   2nd Kings 15:23-31

16th   2nd Kings 17:1-18

17th   2nd Kings 17:19-41

In 722bc Israel, the northern kingdom, is no more.



2020 Bible Reading- The Gospel Of John

We need to be taught and reminded every day what we need to believe and why because everything is on the line. Maybe you're facing troubles right now and need some help. Do you want to be closer to God?  Want to be a better disciple of Jesus? It is very possible you don’t believe as strongly as you think you do.  Maybe you are strong but you need to get stronger. You are ready to take the next step. Belief is essential to our salvation. Not just the day we become a Christian but every day until the end. Not based on experience, assumptions or feelings. God wants us to believe because of evidence.  The evidence He gave us.  So. What do you believe? What is your faith based on?  In 2020 our daily bible reading will be from the Gospel of John so that together we can read what God specifically said was written so that we will believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing we may have life in his name. Join us!!!

2020 Reading Plan




In 2019 we read through the book of Proverbs and extremely enjoyed it! We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom. There is no better place than God’s word to go to find true wisdom. Solomon wrote most of the proverbs and was given extraordinary wisdom by God because he asked but also because he learned. In 2019 as a congergation we read Proverbs together immersively. This means we will read one chapter per day pertaining to the day of the month. In total we read the book of Proverbs 12 times together to immerse ourselves in wisdom that works wonderfully. Try it!

Reading2019 - PDF



In 2018 we are reading the books of Luke and Acts. We will be learning from the Gospel of Luke how we can be like our Lord and submit to His authority. Then as we move into The Acts Of The Apostles, we will be seeing how His Kingdom grew and should continue to grow today. Please download a copy of our reading below and join with us this year. Our evengelist Justin Roberson writes a daily short devotional from the reading as well, posts it on his facebook page and emails it out. If you would like to recieve it email him at: robersonjustin@bellsouth.net

2018 Reading Schedule (PDF)

2018 Reading Schedule (Word)



In 2017 the Danville Rd congergation will be focused on worship. Join us as we read through the book of Psalms  this year to understand better how to worship and praise God, and to understand better our great God. Download the reading plan here, or scroll below


In 2016 the Danville Rd congergation was traveling through the New Testament.  Download the reading plan here,  or scroll below


2016 Daily Bible Reading Plan- Danville Rd.

Traveling Through The New Testament

January- Matthew

Week 1- Mt. 1-7

Week 2- Mt. 8-14

Week 3- Mt. 15-21

Week 4- Mt. 22-28


February- Mark

Week 1- Mk. 1-4

Week 2- Mk. 5-8

Week 3- Mk. 9-12

Week 4- Mk. 13-16


March- Luke

Week 1- Lk.1-6

Week 2- Lk.7-12

Week 3- Lk.13-18

Week 4- Lk.19-24


April- John

Week 1- Jn.1-6

Week 2- Jn.7-11

Week 3- Jn.12-16

Week 4- Jn.17-21


May- Acts-Romans

Week 1- Acts 1-14

Week 2- Acts 15-28

Week 3- Romans 1-8

Week 4- Romans 9-16


June- I and II Corinthians

Week 1- 1 Cor. 1-8

Week 2- 1 Cor. 8-16

Week 3- 2 Cor. 1-6

Week 4- 2 Cor. 7-13


July- Gal-Eph-Phil-Col

Week 1- Galatians

Week 2- Ephesians

Week 3- Philippians

Week 4- Colossians


August- 1-2 Thes.

Week 1- 1 Thes. 1-3

Week 2- 1 Thes. 4-5

Week 3- 2 Thes. 1

Week 4- 2 Thes. 2-3


Sept. 1-2 Tim, Titus, Phil

Week 1- 1 Timothy

Week 2- 2 Timothy

Week 3- Titus

Week 4- Philemon


Oct. Hebrews, James

Week 1- Hebrews 1-4

Week 2- Hebrews 5-9

Week 3- Hebrews 10-13

Week 4- James


Nov. 1-2 Peter, 123 John

Week 1- 1 Peter

Week 2- 2 Peter

Week 3- 1 John

Week 4- 2-3 John


Dec. Jude-Revelation

Week 1- Jude

Week 2- Revelation 1-7

Week 3- Revelation 8-15

Week 4- Revelation 16-22

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    10/24/21 10:00am
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  3. Wed PM Bible Study
    10/27/21 07:00pm
  4. Sun AM Worship
    10/31/21 10:00am
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