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Gospel Meeting With Steve Klein

Join us as we study God's word together!!

Gospel Meeting With Rick Billingsley

We had an excellent meeting with brother Rick Billingsley. You can listen to the lessons from that meeting here.

Featured Sermon: The Most Misunderstood Command In The Bible

Imagine what it would be like to live in a society, or a home environment where no discipline is imposed? Yet, there are congregations belonging to Jesus Christ  where little, if any, discipline is ever performed.  When church discipline is discussed usually people assume we shun someone or completely ignore them. These are both misconceptions and not biblical teachings Church discipline is a helpful, positive aspect of our relationships, and if administered correctly, very rarely reaches the point where we formally take action or withdraw our fellowship. It’s important that we train people to think of it in a positive way. This lesson seeks to teach these truths from God's word.