Authentic Repentence

Series: 2018 Daily Bible Reading

Authentic Repentance

Luke 3:3-14


Sometimes only the real thing will do. We want authenticity.  Whether it’s wedding vows, doctor’s credentials, car titles. We want the real thing. We want the real thing, or we don’t want anything. Do you ever feel like you are in a cycle where we decide to change or repent, but we don’t? I repented but it didn’t stick…it wasn’t authentic. Authentic repentance was the issue in Luke 3 too.


Setting The Scene

  • John was preaching repentance for the remission of sins. (V3)
  • The promised messiah had come to offer salvation to the whole world fulfilling prophesy- v4-6, Isa 40:3-5
  • The word for salvation here is only found three times in the NT- Luke 2:30-31, Acts 28:28
  • People responded and came to be baptized. (v7a) But, there was a problem. They were ready to change but they were severely lacking. They were supposed to completely turn to God, (Lk 3:3) but instead it was a ritual.
  • So, John warns them. He calls them brood of vipers. (John 8:43)


In Luke 3:3-17 we learn three ways we can know if our repentance is authentic. Authentic repentance is a change of…


1.                    - (who you are- Luke 3:7-10)

2.                     - (what you do- Luke 3:11-14)

3.                         - (what you look forward to- Luke 3:15-17)